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[08] P AGE

             Skills and Qualities

             CONF IDENCE

             These are some of the skills I have been developing during my whole life. I like to learn because I really think this is one of the
             most important thing anyone can do for feeling alive. Our society is improving continuously, so we can always learn new skills
             and we should do it. This is the only way to stay in the winner team.

             Development + AR                                   Personal
             Unity                                              Adaptability

             Vuforia                                            Creativity
             php, SQL                                           Communication

             Css/Html                                           Collaboration
             Laravel                                            Problem Solving


             Design & Animation                                  Languages
             Blender                                             Spanish

             Cinema4d                                            English

             Illustrator                                                         Hobbies
             After Effects

             Permiere Pro
                                                                   Travel          Photography         Spor ts
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