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             S eptember  2005/August 2009

             Sales Representative

             •   Established beneficial professional networks and partnerships to gain insight and campaign support resulting in long-term
                business relationships.
             •   Managed sales for 4 different companies in the furniture sector: consolidated the leadership for each one within their
             •   Managed sales teams which brought revenue of upwards of $1M per year.
             •   Assessed client needs based on current objectives, supply and demand, and seasonable variables.
             •   Developed customer relationships with more than 100 local furniture stores.
             •   Collaborated with sales and marketing team leaders to determine which products to promote or to withdraw.
             •   Exceeded sales goals by over 25% during each of employment at the company.
             SP AIN (C EN TER AREA)

             S eptember  2003/August 2005                        S ept.  2002/Sept. 2003

             Junior Construction Manager                         Construction Super visor
             •   Performed regular job site observations to provide   •   Creation and project design for construction projects
                direction  for  general  contractor  personnel  and   involving remodels for local businesses, offices, and
                subcontractor laborers.                              residences.
             •   Monitored supply levels and identified cost-effective   •   Cost calculation and creation of a project solution
                materials to reduce project expenses.                budget.
             •   Managed diverse team of ironworkers, tradesmen, and   •   Assisted the construction site manager in all areas
                general roles.                                       of supervision, from liaising with architects and
             •   Planned, coordinated, budgeted, and supervised      engineers  to  coordinating  with  surveyors  and  site
                construction  projects  of  small-  and  medium-scale   owners.
                buildings, including build-out and quality.      •   Drafted plans,   blueprints,   and   proposals   for
             •   Supervised  15+  building  and  remodeling  projects   construction and remodeling of businesses, offices,
                of  various  sizes  in  the  residential  and  commercial   and residences.
                construction areas.                              •   Responded to on-site emergencies professionally and
             •   Supervised apprentices, carpenters, concrete laborers,   efficiently.
                general laborers, joiners, framers, roofers, and other   •   Responsible for the company’s image and its
                skilled and unskilled tradesmen.                     standards so as to differentiate it from competitors.
             •   Monitored construction projects on-site and made   •   95% of proposed projects were accepted, creating an
                daily decisions about construction activities.       exponential volume of business and revenue.
             •   Met all given construction project deadlines and   •   Supervising projects to make sure they stay within
                budget limitations.                                  budget, which was accomplished 100% of the time.
             •   Implementation of production systems that increased   •   Within  three  years,  the  company  went  from  having
                the efficacy of different professionals therefore    a  single  remodel  of  a  bathroom  to  simultaneously
                reducing costs and execution time by over 15%.       having 15+ projects ongoing, over 50 employees, and
                                                                     constructing luxury buildings from the ground up.
             SP AIN

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