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[06] P AGE


                THE POWER MBA                                    POLY TECHNIC UNIVER -
                2020 - 2021                                      SI T Y OF M ADRID
                Madrid (Spain)
                Master ’s of Business                            Madrid (Spain)
                Administration (MBA)                             Postgraduate Cer tificate in
                Including accounting, management, finance, marketing,   Management
                and  business  law.  Specialist  on  leadership,  planning,   Principles of Management, Light Construction,
                business  strategy,  organizational  behavior,  and  the   Sustainable Construction Management and Engineering,
                more human sides of running a large or small business,   Construction  Safety,  Construction  Estimating,
                as responsibilities and  corporate accountability of   Construction Project Management, Planning and
                businesses within their communities.             Methodology.

                REY JU AN CARL OS
                (UNIVERSI T Y )
                2 0 1 8   -  (in progress)

                Madrid (Spain)
                BA in Tourism
                Completed 24 credits of Bachellor Degree of Tourism,
                as a long term life project in one of my favorite study
                areas, highly affected by Technology and Marketing, my
                two real passions.
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