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                      WY ANDO T TE HIGH S CHOOL

                      As principal Information Technology Academy at Wyandotte High School, I have had the pleasure of
                      working with Sergio. He is an innovated, organized teacher who develops inspiring relationships with
                      our students and staff.

                      From that first time that we were introduce Sergio I knew he could work well as co-operative teacher in
                      Digital Media and help support the technology skills of our digital students. He eagerly taking up extra
                      responsibilities to help create an APP for Wyandotte High School. He was the lead teacher on the APP
                      project “Wyandotte Escape Room”. He came in and reconfigured a computer lab. He made design a plan

                      for students to work in departments teams that fit their interest to help design the app.  He had the
                      ability to collaborate with the teachers in our Academy’s to help complete the project.  Sergio impress
                      me with his professional skills as he developed relationships with our students and adult’s in a short
                      period of time.

                      Sergio shared his talent of technology and deign with our professional learning communities weekly.
                      His ability to connect with our IT Academy whom did not always enjoys some class students was excel-
                      lent. He has the talent with teaching literacy skills, as well as more soft skills are both truly superior.
                      He also has excellent written and verbal communication skills and English was not his first language.

                      Sergio accomplishes all these responsibilities with great initiative, excitement and with a positive at-
                      I was sorry to see him leave Wyandotte High School, he will be missed.

                      RUFUS BL ACK

                      2 5 01 M i n n e s o t a Av e .
                      K a n s a s C i t y ( K S) 6 610 2

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