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Work  Experience

             THE 4TH L EAF TEC H CO.                              A V AL ON NE T WORKING
             Ma y 2018/Pr esent                                   April  2016/Pr esent

             Development Manager                                  Senior Software Developer
             This  is  my  passion  and  almost  a  hobby.  I  am  the  co-  I am the co-founder of this company, and I have been working
             founder of this company, where my role was Development   here as a successful Software Developer for more than 6
             Coordinator for last 3 years, getting experience in  web-  years, in demanding environments focused on producing
             applications  industry.  Deep  experience  leading  cross-  cutting-edge systems for insurance Industry. Skilled in
             functional  teams,  project  management  and  product   directing development with creative and performance-
             sourcing. Tech-savvy and proficient in php and MySQL.  oriented approach. Well-organized and customer-focused
             •   Development Manager of various games and mobile   with proven skills in project management and team
                 apps using Augmented Reality technology.         leadership.
             •   Manage a team responsible for creating scripts and   •   Built infrastructure to handle millions of client files in
                 storyboards for the different adventures available in   cloud systems.
                 the games                                        •   Creation   of   ad-hoc   applications   for   integral
             •   Develop  and  manage  the  UX  team,  reaching  a  90%   management  of  files  and  tasks,  increasing  the
                 average rating on user surveys                      effectiveness of work systems by over 35%.
             •   Develop  and  manage  all  multimedia  production   •   Implementation  of  an  integrated  communication
                 associated with each published adventure.           ecosystem  to  optimize  resources,  therefore
             •   Creation  and  publication  of  a  new  product  with  no   eliminating 90% of emails.
                 current  competition  on  the  market,  with  an  optimal   •   Development of an attendance management tool for a
                 level of market acceptance.                         company with approximately 1000 employees located
                                                                     throughout 15 countries.
                                                                  •   Built security into each new product features to
                                                                     achieve 100% compliance in accordance with industry
                                                                     best practices.

             M ADRID (SP AIN)                                     M ADRID (SP AIN)

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