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[04] P AGE

                                            WYANDO T TE HIGH SCHOOL  (KSKPS)
                                            August  2017/July  2018


                                            At Wyandotte I discovered how it is teaching young students. My prior experience was
                                            with professionals, training them to improve their technical skills. I am an educator
                                            with proven skills in teaching IT students diverse subjects, as Multimedia Production
                                            and Game Application Development. Keep classrooms organized and students on task
                                            to facilitate effective learning. Diligent and adaptable in meeting individual student
                                            needs with warm, safe educational environments.
                                            •   Create a real company workflow in the class, with all the departments to develop
                                               a real Augmented Reality Game.
                                            •   Design and produce all multimedia video and audio files required for the project.
                                            •   Helped students develop important learning skills and good study habits useful
                                               in trade school or college education.
                                            KANSAS CI T Y (KANSAS)

            Due to the global crisis all around the world, retail businesses started to decrease, and Avalon Risk Management offered me
            a  position  as  Loss  Adjuster,  based  on  my  previous  experience  in  construction.  I  gained  solid  record  of  accomplishment  in
            loss adjuster roles during progressive insurance industry career. Efficiently review documentation and assess properties to
            determine damage levels, complete cost estimates and control liability. Skilled at balancing business and customer interests by
            fairly applying all policies.
            In less than three years I was promoted to Business Development Manager, Accomplished and creative Executive Manager
            possessing multifaceted experience and proven ability to re-energize and restructure organizations, develop strategic initiatives
            and capture emerging business opportunities. Results-oriented, decisive leader adept at forging lucrative relationships with key
            partners, vendors and clients. Recognized for turning around struggling company operations to achieve sustained growth.

            April 2012/Mar ch  2016                                  spent on paperwork.
            Business Development Manager                         •   Expanding the company’s services to clients throughout
            •   Identified and pursued valuable business opportunities   Spain’s national territory.
               to generate new company revenue and improve bottom
               line profit.                                      S eptember  2009/Mar ch  2012
            •   Maintained record-high customer service satisfaction   Loss Adjuster
               level at 90% through excellent up-front and post-claim   •   Collected  and  tracked  evidence  in  support  of  legal
               communication with clients.                           processes.
            •   Coached 50 new employees. Given a coaching role due   •   Processed over 12 claims per week to determine
               to ability to acomplish goals.                        company liability.
            •   Facilitated and grew strong business relationships   •   Trained  colleagues  in  proprietary  investigation  and
               with both external and internal customers.            claims processing software.
            •   Creation  of  integrated  management  software  for   •   Created a resource manual, visit routes, and a complete
               adjusters and insurance companies reducing time       management system

            M ADRID (SP AIN)
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